How to lose those last 10 pounds of stubborn body fat

You've been eating clean, training hard and until recently were on course to reach your final weight loss goals, only to have it all come to a frustrating standstill, sound familiar!?

Unfortunately the last few pounds are always the most stubborn. The good news is, you are leaner than you were before (well done you). The bad news is, your new and improved body now requires fewer calories to get you through the day. For every pound lost, your body requires roughly 20 fewer calories per day (bummer). 

Don't panic, all it takes to lose those final stubborn pounds of body fat is a few small tweaks to your newly found healthy eating and exercising habits and voila!

HIIT (High intensity interval training)

I've said it before and i'll continue to say it over and over again. If you're not already doing high-intensity interval training, you should be! Not only does HIIT burn more calories than conventional cardio in half the time, it also activates what is called the after burn effect, keeping your body burning fat for up to 48 hours following your session. It's win win! 

Train on an empty stomach

It's time to rise and run sunshine! When you exercise before breakfast or in a fasted state, your body becomes an expert at burning fat for energy. When your tank is empty your body results into grabbing whatever it can find to convert into usable energy. That surplus of fat will do just fine thank you very much. 

Less and more

Less quantity, more frequently.

If you dinner plate resembles that of the plate a pregnant women just weeks away from giving birth to octuplets, we've found your problem. Already reduced your portion size? It's time to trim it some more.

When you overeat, your body struggles to convert the excess food into useable energy. What it can't use, it either A.) Stores for later (Best scenario) or B.) Stores as fat.

The easiest way to prevent scenario B is to eat little and often. Instead of 3 big meals, divide it out over 5 portion controlled meals.  


Learn how to read food labels

Food and drinks companies spend billions every year tricking consumers into believing that their products are healthy. With even the healthiest looking products containing excessive amounts of weight loss enemy number 1 - sugar, it's time you start paying more attention to what you're putting in your mouth!

In most countries, the law commands that food and beverage companies list their food’s ingredients in order of prominence. If it contains glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose, maltose, and/or lactose, it’s all sugar and should be avoided! 

What's that in your cup?

On average we consume around 20% of our calories from drinks. Scary isn't it. Fizzy drinks, giant frappuccinos, fruit Juices and cocktails all share one thing in common; loads of calories. To make sure the content of your cup isn't preventing you from losing those final few pounds: swap your giant latte for a small skinny equivalent, choose sparkling water over fizzy drinks, eat a piece of fruit instead of drinking fruit juice and if you can't bare the thought of a booze-free lifestyle, opt for vodka or gin with a diet mixer over cocktails, beer and wine. Problem solved!


Eat More Fiber

Fibrous foods take longer to digest and as a result your body expends more energy breaking down the fibre. Fruits and vegetables, nuts (Especially almonds), whole grains and legumes are jam pack full of the stuff. 

Sleep more

Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and a key factor in weight loss. By sleeping less than six hours a night, Leptin - the hormone responsible for making you feel satiated, is depleted, while Ghrelin - the hunger hormone is increased. As if you ever needed another reason to sleep more! 

The no-nonsense way to lose weight 
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