11 steps to stick to a diet

For anyone that has done a diet in the past knows, it's far from easy. It takes motivation, patience, consistency and a lot of self-control. Thankfully there are some steps you can take, 11 to be precise that can make sticking to a diet a whole lot easier. 

TGI Friday - how not to crash your diet this weekend.

It's Friday, You've been training mean and eating clean all week. The drag of the mundane 9 till 5 work week is almost over... until Monday at least and you're raring to go!

Before you divulge yourself into a weekend of poor health and potential diet ruining decisions, make sure to read this article on how not to throw all of your hard work out of the window this weekend.

How to lose those last 10 pounds of stubborn body fat

You've been eating clean, training hard and until recently were on course to reach your final weight loss goals, only to have it all come to a frustrating standstill, sound familiar!?

Unfortunately the last few pounds are always the most stubborn. The good news is, you are leaner than you were before (well done you). The bad news is, your new and improved body now requires fewer calories to get you through the day. For every pound lost, your body requires roughly 20 fewer calories per day (bummer). 

Eat like an Olympian

Ever wondered how and what olympians eat in order to reach their peak physical performance? With so much pressure riding on each and every athlete taking part at this years Rio olympic games, fuelling their bodies with the right nutrition is essential and could be the difference between simply turning up and winning the gold.

Carb Cycling diets – unworthy hype or a true dieting phenomenon?

Carb cycling diets are based around rotating between high carb, moderate carb and low/no carb days. The idea is that eating healthy carbs on specific days keeps your metabolism revved up, and sticking to mostly protein, vegetables and fat on low/no carb days will keep insulin levels low enough to allow you to burn fat whilst maintaining muscle mass.