Expectations vs reality - The hard truth about your fitness goals

It’s so important when setting fitness goals to be realistic about what’s achievable for your body type and level and commitment, but how to do you manage your expectations when everything you see and hear encourages extreme measures and unrealistic results? Here’s what you need to know!

How to kick Monday's ass!

It’s Sunday night and the fear of the impending Monday doom and gloom is slowly taking hold. Thankfully, not all Monday’s are inherently bad. Here’s what to can do right now to make sure you kick Monday’s ass and set yourself up for great week.

A beginners guide to weight training and muscle gain.

Whether your goal be to carve out Brad Pitt's six-pack of steel in fight club or to build an Arnold Schwarzenegger like physique, you're going to have to include some weight training into your exercise routine. 

New to weight training? Fear not! In this article we'll provide you with everything you need along with a sample workout plan to help get you started. 

Morning vs evening - which is best for exercise?

When we exercise is very rarely something people consider when beginning any sort of exercise program. People exercise when it is convenient for them and rightly so. However, if you're serious about sustainability and optimised results, it could be worth taking a look at not only how you workout, but also when. 

Consistency: The key to Training Success

They say that every new beginning in life is tough – but even if you set your custom-devised workout program off on the right foot, it still doesn’t mean that peak fitness results are guaranteed. To safeguard your training agenda against stagnation or downright nosedives, you should keep your diet, workout, and recovery optimized for sustainable progress.

But how exactly do you tweak your lifestyle for long-term success and maximum performance during every workout session? Brace yourself: the road to training consistency isn’t paved with roses, but you can avoid thorns by adjusting your daily routine based on the guidelines listed below.

How to lose those last 10 pounds of stubborn body fat

You've been eating clean, training hard and until recently were on course to reach your final weight loss goals, only to have it all come to a frustrating standstill, sound familiar!?

Unfortunately the last few pounds are always the most stubborn. The good news is, you are leaner than you were before (well done you). The bad news is, your new and improved body now requires fewer calories to get you through the day. For every pound lost, your body requires roughly 20 fewer calories per day (bummer). 

Postpartum Exercise - Tips to get you going

After months of your body stretching, growing, and shifting to make room for that sweet little bundle of joy in your tummy, the big day has come! You have finally welcomed that precious baby into the world. You’re excited to get back home and start life with your growing family, and anxious to get your pre-pregnancy body back. As a fitness professional and a mother of two little ones, I’ve been there. I know how overwhelmed and exhausted you probably are. I also know how real and heavy mommy guilt can be. I promise you the chores can wait.