Fall into fitness - 5 benefits of exercising in Autumn.

After months of pool parties, long and fun filled beach days and procrastinating on your exercise routine, summer is finally over and it's time to turn your focus towards getting fit. Here are 5 benefits of getting into a fall fitness routine:


I can tell you first hand as a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast that the key to forming any sort of long lasting exercise habit is a solid routine. Summer, with it's sporadic social events and Sangria over squats mentality, make it very difficult to stick to or to start any form of sustainable exercise routine. Fall tends to be more structured than the other seasons making it the perfect time to start an exercise plan. 

Empty gyms

Love it or hate, there's little more satisfying than arriving at the gym to find that you have the entire place to yourself.  If you are contemplating holding off until January 1st to join the gym and to take up a fitness routine, forget it!  By Joining now, you will allow yourself time and space to begin incorporating exercise into your daily routine in a stress-free environment. By the time January roles around, you will be much more inclined to stick it out! 

Christmas preparation

Christmas is a special time of year. For many (99.99% of the population) it's a time of overindulgence and poor diet choices. By getting a few months of exercise and healthy eating under your belt during autumn, you will be physically and psychologically better prepared to deal with the oodles of temptations come turkey and eggnog season. 

Weather perfectly suited to outdoor exercise

Weather is often a decisive factor when it comes to flaking out of exercise. "It's too hot in summer" and "it's too cold in winter". I hear it time and time again! Fall on the other hand offers weather perfectly suited to exercising in the great outdoors. No more excuses! 

New season, new goal

Spring and summer goals differ greatly from fall and winter goals. Spring and summer tend to be a case of preparation for swimsuit season and then maintenance. In other words: little progress, strict dieting, and little fun. Autumn and Winter however offer something different. The sweaters come out and more emphasis can be placed on more fun, important and rewarding fitness goals like improved strength and stamina gains.

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