Consistency: The key to Training Success

They say that every new beginning in life is tough – but even if you set your custom-devised workout program off on the right foot, it still doesn’t mean that peak fitness results are guaranteed. To safeguard your training agenda against stagnation or downright nosedives, you should keep your diet, workout, and recovery optimized for sustainable progress.

But how exactly do you tweak your lifestyle for long-term success and maximum performance during every workout session? Brace yourself: the road to training consistency isn’t paved with roses, but you can avoid thorns by adjusting your daily routine based on the guidelines listed below.

Ebylife's chest and Tricep workout.

Unfortunately for many, it's an area in which so many men struggle to fully develop. What is so important when working your chest or any muscle for that matter is that you keep strict form and concentrate on the full contraction of the muscle. It's so easy to let your triceps and shoulders take the brunt of the work.  If you're struggle to concentrate, try closing your eyes when performing the exercises. 

Why you need a Personal trainer!

You arrive at the gym excited and determined at the prospect of transforming your exercise deprived body back into the form of its life. You hop on the stationary bicycle, spend 10 minutes spinning the peddles, hop off,  look around and think, now what?