Healthy new year's resolutions you can stick to in 2018


With another overindulgent festive season coming to an end, many set their sights on the new year as an opportunity for self-improvement and to right the “wrongs” in their life (or at least those that occurred in December).

Now while self-improvement is always encouraged, the problem with most new year’s resolutions is that they tend to be wildly utopian lifestyle overhaul dreams, not realistic and attainable goals. That’s probably why then, some 75% of resolutions are broken within the first two weeks of the new year.

Beat the statistic in 2018 with some of these simple yet super healthy New year's resolutions.

Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day

Make fruits and vegetables your number one dietary priority in 2018 and your body will thank you in ways you can’t imagine. Their high levels of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants will have you feeling and looking great in no time.

Walk a mile a day

Walking is free, can be done anywhere and is suitable for all fitness levels, yet it’s something so many of us overlook as a great form of exercise. By walking just 1 mile a day (1.6km) or roughly 16 blocks a day, you can promote weight loss, boost your mood and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eat clean


If you have the tendency to get most of your food from a package, give eating clean a try in the new year.

By choosing fresh foods over processed whenever possible you’ll feel more energised, reduce your risk of disease and improve your chances of burning off any stubborn post-Christmas podge!

Note: It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. By making small but significant changes to your diet, you’ll not only feel great, you’re more likely to stick to it long term.

Drink less booze

After the festive period, you’re perhaps contemplating giving your insides a break with dry January? While short stints of cold-turkey sobriety can be beneficial to your health, if you plan on celebrating an alcohol-free month with a big blow out on Feb 1st, you’re probably better off making a conscious effort to drink a little less throughout the year Instead. You’ll be amazed at the number of alcohol-free equivalents to your favourite alcoholic drinks now available on the market. A second idea is to alternate between alcoholic drinks and a glass of water when out with friends. You'll drink less during the course of an evening and will drastically reduce the risk of a hangover.

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Reach for the H20

Drinking more water is another great way to give your health a boost in 2018. The simplest way to make sure you get your recommended dose of 8 glasses a day is to fill a 2-litre bottle of water at the start of each day and don’t go to bed until the bottle is empty.

For an extra health kick, add a splash of fresh lemon juice to your water first thing in the morning. 

Get a regular massage


Now we’re talking! Make it your new year's resolution to get a regular massage. Not only are they an indulgent gift to oneself at the end of a tough work week, they can help you destress, improve athletic performance, reduce muscle pain, tension and the risk of overuse injuries.

Note: For the full benefits of massage, aim to go at least once a month!

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Prioritise a good night's Sleep

Instead of the regular late-night episode of whichever series is trending on Netflix, turn off the tv and get into bed an hour earlier than usual. Despite having fewer waking hours to get through your daily tasks list, you’ll feel more energised, focused and productive allowing you to bash through your workload in less time.


One of the best things about the new year is that it offers a fantastic opportunity to make some positive changes to your lifestyle. Regardless of how big or small the resolutions, take it one day at a time and don't panic if you have the occasional slip along the way. Best of luck! 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018. 

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