HIIT vs Long distance cardio

There's been a massive amount of hype recently over the fat burning and health benefits of HIIT training, and rightly so. It's been proven that just 4-6 30 second sprints is the equivalent to some 40 minutes of steady cardio at 60-70% of your max heart rate. Not only do you burn a similar amount of calories in half the time. HIIT promotes what's called “the afterburn effect” which causes the metabolism to remain elevated for hours and in some cases even days after you finish working out.

Stop wasting valuble time slogging along for hours on end and instead incorporate a session or two of HIIT training into your workout regime. You will not be disappointed!


The benefits of HIIT

  • Promotes a healthier heart by pushing you into the anaerobic Zone (80 – 90% of your max heart rate. To find yours out simply take 220 - you age = max heart rate).
  • Get faster results in half the time.
  • Burns fat as energy instead of muscle. 
  • Promotes Human growth hormone (That little beauty that prevents ageing) in the 24 hours following HIIT training. 

Proof really is in the pudding folks. Just take a quick look at a professional sprinter's body vs a long distance runner's. Which would you prefer?


A simple HIIT workout

To be performed 2-3 times per week:

  • 10 minute warm up run
  • 5 x 30 second sprints with 1 minute rest/slow jog in-between.
  • Stretch and watch that fat fizzle away. 

Each week your aim should be to increase the quantity of sprints by 1-2.

Not into running? Why not try the same workout on a bike, skateboard or roller-blades.

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