5 Popular questions about fitness answered

Can you Isolate fat loss? Should you stretch before or after a workout? What is the best rep range for muscle growth? Here are 5 of the most common fitness related questions I get asked as a personal trainer ANSWERED!

The no nonsense way to lose weight

The first thing to acknowledge about losing weight is that it's no easy task. It takes time, determination and consistency. Unfortunately there are no magic tricks to transform you into Beyonce or David Beckham over night. Forget the lose 21 pounds in 21 day or the build a six-pack in a week crap! Don't buy into the hype. If you do, it'll only chomp into your motivation when you don't get the results you expect.

HIIT vs Long distance cardio

There's been a massive amount of hype recently over the fat burning and health benefits of HIIT training, and rightly so. It's been proven that just 4-6 30 second sprints is the equivalent to some 40 minutes of steady cardio at 60-70% of your max heart rate. Not only do you burn a similar amount of calories in half the time. HIIT promotes what's called “the afterburn effect” which causes the metabolism to remain elevated for hours and in some cases even days after you finish working out.