The best home exercise equipment for €100 or less.

Best home workout equipment

As a personal trainer constantly on the move, I rarely leave home without my exercise equipment in toe. I use versatile, reliable and best of all, affordable exercise equipment that can be used anywhere by anyone.

Forget the gym! Build superhuman strength, speed and fitness without stepping foot out of your home with these 8 must-have pieces of exercise equipment. 

Nike 2.0 skipping ropes with weights - €23 from Nike

There is simply no better way to improve your cardiovascular fitness than by jumping rope. It's easy to do, can be done anywhere, and will annihilate body fat quicker than any high tech treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Tip: For a bigger challenge, buy weighted skipping ropes like the ones about. These little devils have weighted handles, turning skipping from a mainly lower body workout to a full body blast. 

Perfect Fitness pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System - €22,99 from 

Build a strong back, shoulders, arms and core with pull-ups. Not only are pull-ups highly progressional with a variety of different inclines and hand grips, they're oddly satisfying.  

Tip: If pull-ups are too difficult, lower the bar and start with inverted rows.

Domyos kettlebells - Starting from €9,99 from Decathlon 

The king of compound exercises. Kettlebells are the ideal choice for explosive exercises that work all the major muscle groups, burn fat and build strength and power.  The variety of exercises to choose from make them a must have for any home gym! 

Adidas Power Tube resistance bands (Soft) - €17,50 from

Leave the dumbbells in the rack and let's burn some rubber and a whole lot of fat with resistance bands. Perhaps my favourite of the bunch, the versatility of resistance bands make them a must have for any fitness enthusiast. Available in a variety of tensions (10 - 60lbs) 

Suspension trainer system - €47,00 from

Suspension systems, like resistance bands are extremely versatile, portable and lightweight. They create an instability, forcing your core to work extra hard to stabilize the different exercises. Not only will you never get bored with a limitless selection of challenging exercises, variety is the key in continued fitness progression. 

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat - $21,50 from


Let's face it, most ab exercises start from the ground! As an added bonus, you'll have somewhere comfortable to cool down and stretch post-workout. 

Nike 3.6KG strength training ball - €60 from Nike

Lift, throw, catch and twist with a medicine ball. Medicine balls add instability and resistance to your workouts and can improve athletic ability by increasing explosiveness and coordination. 

Iron Gym Ab wheel - €29,95 from -

Not exactly versatile, but If Abs of steel is what you're after, forget your crunches and invest in an ab wheel. It primarily targets your core, recruiting your: back, shoulders, chest and arms in the process. 

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