Crossfit: 10 Things I learnt from training a Crossfitter

Love it or hate it, it's hard to deny the impressive nature of CrossFit and their athletes’ ability to push themselves through gruelling workouts. Here’s what i learnt from the humbling experience of training a Crossfitter.

15 Christmas gifts ideas for fitness enthusiasts - His and hers

With Christmas fast approaching. If you haven’t already thought about what you’re going to gift the active people in your life, don't panic. Here are 15 fantastic Christmas gift ideas to satisfy even the snobbiest of fitness enthusiasts. 

Morning vs evening - which is best for exercise?

When we exercise is very rarely something people consider when beginning any sort of exercise program. People exercise when it is convenient for them and rightly so. However, if you're serious about sustainability and optimised results, it could be worth taking a look at not only how you workout, but also when. 

Consistency: The key to Training Success

They say that every new beginning in life is tough – but even if you set your custom-devised workout program off on the right foot, it still doesn’t mean that peak fitness results are guaranteed. To safeguard your training agenda against stagnation or downright nosedives, you should keep your diet, workout, and recovery optimized for sustainable progress.

But how exactly do you tweak your lifestyle for long-term success and maximum performance during every workout session? Brace yourself: the road to training consistency isn’t paved with roses, but you can avoid thorns by adjusting your daily routine based on the guidelines listed below.

More than Muscle Gain: 5 Reasons Strength Training Will Change Your Life

If you think gym Hulks are all bulk and little brainpower, you’d better think again. Muscle mass increase is one of the main reason why people sign up for the gym, but it’s not the only gain you’ll be scooping by embarking on a strength training journey. Resistance workouts work like a charm for long-term physical, mental, and emotional health – and here are the top five benefits strength workouts will bring you along with a sexy six-pack and Apollo-esque physique.