How to choose the perfect workout buddy.

Written By Martin Ebner 
Contributor: Jocelyn Mandryk

Don't fancy slogging it out companionless in the gym but aren't quite sure what to look for in a workout buddy? Before you hop into the hot seat with just anyone. Consider the following aspects to help find that perfect training partner. 

Fitness goals

In order of importance, fitness goals are paramount. It makes little sense to workout with someone that wants to build muscle and gain weight whilst you try to tone up and slim down. Fitness level compatibility is so important, not only during your workouts but in your post-workout Starbucks order too. 

Consider your fitness goals to find a workout buddy who is seeking similar gains. It will make the sprinting in between sets more pleasurable knowing your doing it for the same reasons.
— Jocelyn Mandryk

Fitness level

It's ok to workout with someone a little fitter than you are or vice versa as long as your fitness goals are similar. You can learn a lot from someone with experience but unless you're willing to push yourself like an ironman competitor, i'd avoid choosing one to partner up with. 


Choose someone who always meets you regardless of the weather, their schedule, or their mood. It's imperative if you take your work-outs seriously to have someone who shows up no matter what. Your best pal might be your best pal, but if she's a flake, she'll likely be no different when it starts raining and a tub of ice cream seems more appealing that burpees do. 


Just like the voice in your head when you go for a run on your own, your workout buddy should ideally be someone with a positive attitude. Pessimism and moaning will only make you doubt your own motivation. Choose someone who looks on the bright side of life and is willing to push themselves when the tough gets going.

AM vs PM

There are some people, although motivated, that are simply not designed to "rise and run" so to speak. When looking for a workout buddy, consider when you are most motivated to workout, and find someone who feels the same. 

Believe it or not, even fitness addicts may prefer lunch over lunges during their midday break. 


Last but not least, good workout buddies should encourage a healthy dose of competition. Enough to make you want to finish off your last set of 20 box jumps, but not so much that if you're having a bad day they intimidate you with trash talk and call you out on your faults. We all have bad days and they're called buddies for a reason!


To find your perfect workout confidant, check out wellsquad, the okcupid for finding fitness friends. 

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