Welcome to the #fitfam - How to build a successful fitness Instagram account.

It’s never been cooler or more financially rewarding to be fit and thanks to social media fitness icons like Michelle Lewin aka the body and lazar Angelov, who now pocket upwards of $500,000 a year through Instagram revenue, everyday fitness enthusiasts are now seeking to following in the footsteps of Instagram’s most successful fitness icons.

With 400 million potential followers up for grabs, here are some top tips on how to stand out from the crowd and stake your place amongst ingstagram's most popular #fitfam personalities.

Post 1 photo at a time

You're most active photo is always your most recent. By posting 1 photo at a time, you allow your photo time to gain traction, resulting in more likes and followers. 

Tip: Allow at least 6 hours between posts

Quality over quantity

Flashing a photo of your quads every other day may seem impressive, but you are just one of 1.5 million instagrammers with the same idea. If you have nothing of quality to upload, don’t panic, just wait it out until you have something of substance. Trust me, the quality of your photos will speak for themselves.

Comment, like, follow and repeat.


Stay Active

It's important in order to gain followers that you stay as active as possible. Using Instagram sporadically will lead to slumps of inactivity. Staying active means, not only posting photos but also interacting with other users.

Posting Tip: Post regularly enough to keep your followers interested but not so often that you bore people with repeat poor quality content. Aim for a maximum of 2 photos per day and a minimum of 2 a week.   



Interact with your followers

If somebody actively follows you, pay attention! If you want love you must show love. Comment back, like their photos and always make sure to thank them for their support.  

Tip: To boost follower interaction, title your photos with questions. Studies show that a simple "how do you start your day?" or "what's your favourite exercise?" will engage more followers.



Use hashtags 

Relevant Hashtags are so important when starting out, especially when trying to attract like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Without hashtags, you are just another needle in a haystack. 

Tip: You can use up to a maximum of 30 hashtags per photo. If you are worried about looking desperate, post your hashtags in the comments section below your photos.

Here are some top fitness hashtags to help get you started:

#exercise #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #getfit #gethealthy #gains #gym #healthyliving #healthychoices #instafit #instafitness #trainingday #workout #wellness  



Patience is key

Like most things in life, it pays to be patient. Building a successful instagram account doesn't happen overnight. If you are building your account organically, you shouldn't expect more than 200 new active followers per month for the first year.  Once you hit the 2000+ active followers mark, your account will begin to take on a life of its own.

Don't buy followers

As desperate as you may be for celebrity-like status, avoid buying followers. Paid for followers are fake accounts which will quickly drop off. Instead, build your account organically with active followers. This method will help you climb the ladder to Instagram fame!  

There you have it future #fitfam elite. Get snapping, get posting and good luck! 

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