Gym etiquette - How to stay cool at the gym

Love it or hate it, the gym is a fitness institution that shouldn't be ignored. Boasting some rather large personalities and pecks, it can be a little intimidating at times. Whether you’re a first-timer ready to take the plunge or a seasoned profesional in need of a recap, this article will keep you in good stead when frequenting the gym.

1. Clean up after yourself

This to me seems like common sense but the amount of times I rock up to my next exercise only to find what appears to be the remains of a Bikram yoga orgy dripping from the exercise equipment. Good hygiene is important! Take a towel and wipe down the equipment after you’ve finished with it.

2. If you’re manly enough to rack it, unstack it!

There’s always some younger, stronger and more likely better looking version of yourself at the gym. They act like the world evolves around them and treat the gym as if it were purposely built for their own needs. Don’t be that person! I know that unstacking (removing the weights) can be tiring but remember this, there are older and less capable people at the gym who’s job it is NOT to clean up after you. Once you’re finished using the equipment, return it to the way you found it, and ready for the next person to use. In the case of dumbbells and barbells, return them to the rack.

3. Wear deodorant and try not to fart

If you reek of B.O, you're unlikely to be a gym favourite. If the chap on the cross trainer is dry heaving at the sheer sniff of you, chances are it’s because you forgot to put deodorant on! As nike would say - “just do it”!

Farting. We all do it. For many it’s uncontrollable and more often than not it’s close to imposible to refrain when bouncing around or swinging a kettle-bell overhead! If you simply can't hold it, mosey on over to the corner and let loose!

4. Fashion nightmare

As a personal trainer, i’ve lost count the number of times i’ve seen a “nip slip” or even a butt tattoo expose itself mid burpee. I get that it’s important to look sexy at the gym and I encourage that you dress comfortably, but do us all a favour and try out your fitness wear pre-workout. It’ll save you the embarrassment of getting hauled out in handcuffs for indecent exposure.

P.s - Jeans and sandals have no place at the gym!

5. Yes, we can hear you!!

There’s one woman in particular that springs to mind as I write this section. She struts into the gym, hops onto the treadmill and meanders along at a tortoise pace whilst expending the majority of her energy shouting down the phone. If you must take a call at the gym, get off the machine and head to a non-workout area.

6. Treat the equipment as if it were your own

You head for your favourite piece of exercise equipment only to find it wrapped in “out of order” tape!? Yes, believe it or not, it didn’t brake itself. Don’t act like a caveman, slowly lower the weights back to the starting position. Problem solved!

7.) Gym selfies... so not cool! 

Ab flashing and selfies seem to be on the rise at the gym. There’s one man at my gym in particular that seems to to be forever exercising his abs. Good for you Sir but is it really necessary to raise your already skimpy tank top and strike a pose at the end of every single set!? Recently I saw a man ripping off his top at the end of every set of bench press, strike the incredible hulk pose and grunt, “dam I look good”! You do not and so not cool! Save the Striptease for after the gym.

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