TGI Friday - how not to crash your diet this weekend.

It's Friday, You've been training mean and eating clean all week. The drag of the mundane 9 till 5 work week is almost over... until Monday at least and you're raring to go!

Before you divulge yourself into a weekend of poor health and potential diet ruining decisions, make sure to read this article on how not to throw all of your hard work out of the window this weekend.

Sugar – is it bad for you? The unsweetened truth!

Sugar it seems, is absolutely everywhere. From high fructose corn syrup beverages to sugar laden cereals to seemingly healthy low fat products. In the US - sugar consumption has skyrocketed 1500% over the last 150 years. The United states national average consumption of sugar last year was a whopping 45 kilos per person (almost 4 kilos per month). Let’s do the math. 16 Calories per tablespoon of sugar works out at 170, 280 calories per year, 14,189 calories per month (The equivalent of 70 pints of beer) 472 calories per day. This means a whopping ¼ of the US’s calorie consumption comes in the form of sugar.