The benefits of regular exercise for singers

Aside from the many benefits for athletes of all levels, regular exercise has bundles of advantages for aspiring singers. Back in 2014, Arsenal Fitness documented the wellness journey of opera performer, Amanda Reninger. According to the article, Reninger saw the need to lose weight, improve her physical condition, and ultimately, discover another part of herself. This is where she saw CrossFit and getting fit as a viable instrument towards achieving her life goals.

Today, Amanda Reninger can proudly say she’s one of the select few opera singers who can effortlessly belt out classic tunes, as well as Deadlift and back squat barbells close to her own bodyweight. So you might ask, how is exercising related to singing? Do specific workouts have anything to do with improving our vocal chords?

From the United States to the United Kingdom, to almost every part of the globe, singing – whether professionally or casually – has been part of our daily lives. Some do it in the shower, while others in front of thousands of people inside a stadium. It helps then that nowadays, reality talent searches have sort of become a thing, providing aspiring artists with legitimate venues to further hone their crafts and fulfill their dreams.

There’s no denying how popular reality singing competitions have become these days. The Voice, a US TV show that’s now entering its 12th season, has provided a springboard for upcoming artists, while The X Factor has showcased various talents from different parts of Europe and the world. Both programs even had successful ventures in the gaming industry. The former has a console game developed by Activision while the latter has transitioned into the online world with Slingo hosting the hugely successful X Factor game since late last year.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that more and more fledgling artists look at these talent search competitions as a legitimate way to fulfill their dreams. They even go the extra mile just to achieve it. 

So if you’re an American who’s dreaming to land a spot at the Voice’s blind auditions, a Brit who’s itching to try out for The X Factor, or even a simple concert artist in the shower, here’s a rundown of fitness’ benefits for singers.

Workouts Reduce Your Warm-up Time

Not many recognise that working out positively impacts your nervous systems. In other words, you’ll have further command of your throat muscles and vocal chords, telling them precisely whether or not to contract, and to reach certain ranges. As you may already know, the goal of vocal warm-ups – just like in exercising – is to prepare specific parts of your body to perform at a high level. By warming up effectively youprime yourself to sing with greater accuracy.

Exercise Will Make Your Voice More Powerful and Flexible

We’ve already established that singers, regardless of skill level, who take care of their bodies, enjoy massive advantages both on and off the stage. Other than gaining the confidence similar to Amanda Reninger’s, regular exercise also helps your vocal chords in such a way that they become more powerful and flexible. You’ll have more control of your primary instrument, as well as the muscles necessary to perform in high-pressure situations.

Singing is an athletic activity and you are your instument.

Functional Drills Improve Stage Performance and Melodic Range

The same way a powerlifter builds strength through constant practices and repetitive drills, fit singers have a way of developing their vocal range by improving their endurance. By doing functional exercises, you develop your cardio in such a way that you last longer not just during the grind, but also throughout your performance. Remember: focusing on a specific part of the body strengthens the muscles around it.