Female body types

Identifying you body type is critical when choosing your workout regime. You may want to have Rihanna's Booty, but you may be setting yourself an unrealistic goal. It's best and very important to choose a workout regime that works for you and that will compliment your best features.

The 8 different female body types

A. Straight – Your bust and hips are roughly the same size and you have a slightly smaller waist.
B. Pear – Your hips are larger than your bust and your waist gradually slopes down into the hips.
C. Spoon – Your hips are larger than your bust and you have a defined waist.
D. Hourglass – You have curves in all the right places. Lucky you!!
E. Top Hourglass - Your bust is larger than your hips and your waist is well defined.
F. Inverted triangle – Your shoulders are noticeably wider than your hips, You have strong-looking shoulders. You have a sporty and athletic looking physique.
G. Oval - Your waist is larger than your bust and hips. Your hips are narrow compared to your shoulders and your breasts are ample in size.
H. Diamond - Your waist is larger than your bust and hips. Your shoulders are narrow compared to your hips. Your breasts are small to medium in size.


A sample workout for body-type A

Focus on tightening your core. Especially your deep abdominal muscles which pull in the belly and obliques. Making your core smaller will give the illusion of an hourglass type figure.
Increase weight training to add lean muscle mass (curves) to your glutes.

A few exercises to try:
-Russian Twists
-Sumo Squats
-Dumbbell Side Bends
-Single Leg Bridge Extensions

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